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Options Thursday 21 November 2019
  • 17:30 An out of the ordinary guided tour with Derek Blyth (max. 20 participants, pre-registration required)

Local writer and journalist Derek Blyth (author of the bestselling guide The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels) has teamed up with ACA for the past four years to offer a walking tour of Brussels that sets out to reveal some secret and surprising spots. Lasting 90 minutes, this informal urban ramble aims to highlight offbeat places that make Brussels unique, from hidden alleys and eccentric architecture to authentic Belgian cafes. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes (for the cobblestones) and bring along an umbrella.

  • 19:00 Seminar dinner (the restaurant TBC)

From physical to virtual? Internationalising higher education in the digital age Friday 22 November 2019


Registration opens

Welcome and introduction 
Queenie K.H. Lam, Project Manager, ACA 
Session 1:
Digitalisation policies driving internationalisation of higher education tomorrow
"Bologna Digital 2020": digitalisation of higher education in Europe and good practice examples 
Dominic Orr, Senior Researcher, Kiron Open Higher Education


The EU’s digital agenda and what you must know about digitalisation in the new Erasmus programme 2021-2027 

European Commission, DG Education and Culture (Speaker: TBC)   


Coffee break

Session 2:
Digital infrastructure and practical tools for internationalization on offer
Digital infrastructure: OpenU – tying together EU-funded solutions 
Saskia Weißenbach, Senior Desk Officer, Digital Internationalisation and European Higher Education Policy, Division Strategic Planning, DAAD 

Parallel Workshop 1 (Seminar Room): 

Digital tools for administration – Interoperability of digital administration tools across the EU, national and institutional levels  

Victor Aguilar, MyAcademicID Coordinator 
Stefan Jahnke, Senior Policy Officer  
European University Foundation (EUF) 

Parallel Workshop 2 (Break-out room): 

Digital tools for teaching and learning – Dialogue facilitation for online training/interactive online courses

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, Sarah Guth, President, UNICollaboration



Session 3:
The promises and critiques of digital solutions for overcoming challenges in internationalisation

Online learning micro-credentials as a path into the future of international student recruitment

Stefano Menon, Project Manager, MircoHE, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Panel Discussion: Do solutions offered by existing digital infrastructure meet the administrative challenges for international university alliances?     

Emily Palmer, Secretary-General, UNA Europa; 
Märt Aro, Chair of the Board, Nordic EdTech Forum (N8);
Stefan Jahnke, Senior Policy Officer, European University Foundation (EUF);

The University of the Greater Region (Speaker: TBC)


Coffee Break

Session 4:
Digital data collection and application for strategizing internationalisation
Digital data for policy-making: use and misuse of web-analytics  
Märt Aro, Chair of the Board, Nordic EdTech Forum (N8)
Comparative data analysis for global market identification: data quality matters      
Queenie K.H. Lam, Project Manager, ACA   
Session 5:
The past, present and future of digitalisation for internationalisation
The virtual exchange landscape. What has changed and what not in the past 20 years? 
Bernd Wächter, Director, ACA
Bernd Wächter, Director, ACA